Cordoba, the only city in the world with four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To live in Cordoba is to have the privilege of enjoying every day this incomparable beauty and to be able to immerse yourself in centuries of art, history and culture just a stone’s throw from your home.

UNESCO has recognized four distinctive symbols of the city as World Heritage Sites.


The Mezquita-Cathedral of Cordoba

The Mezquita-Cathedral is one of the most impressive monuments of Morish and Christian architecture.

Initially built as a mezquita during the Caliphate of Cordoba in the 8th century, it was converted into a cathedral after the Christian Reconquest in the 13th century.

The mixture of architectural styles and the richness of details make this building an iconic symbol of Cordoba.

La Mezquita de Cordoba is one of the most important monuments of the Moorish West and, undoubtedly, one of the most spectacular in the world in terms of beauty and history.


The Historic Center of Cordoba

The Historic Center of Cordoba has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its well-preserved architecture that spans from Roman to medieval times.

Magical Spots

In the historic center you will find narrow streets, charming courtyards, squares and buildings that reflect the history and culture of the city.

It is one of the largest old towns in Europe and one of the richest in terms of wealth and vestiges of the Roman, Moorish, and Christian periods.


The Cordoban Courtyards “Patios” Patio Festival

This traditional festival, which takes place at the beginning of May, is characterized by the ornamentation and the great floral spectacle with which the people of Cordoba decorate their patios for a few weeks.

A beautiful tradition in which neighbors gather to decorate the courtyards and open the doors of their homes to visitors, with an increasing number of national and international tourists visiting the city to enjoy its color and joy.


Caliphate City of Medina Azahara

This archaeological site, which has majestic remains from the 10th century and the Umayyad dynasty, is currently made up of numerous infrastructures, buildings and decorative elements typical  of the period of maximum splendor of Muslim civilization in the West.

Magic Corners

A must-see for admirers of historical heritage.

Córdoba, your best choice for a new life

Light, color, joy, hospitality, flavor, art and culture throughout the year.

Why choose Córdoba to live?

In addition to enjoying this cultural, patrimonial and architectural heritage, there are many other reasons to choose Cordoba as a residence and to live, every day, a unique and privileged experience.


Quality of Life

Córdoba is recognized as a quiet, medium-sized city with a peaceful pace of life.

Away from the stress and traffic of big cities but with the advantages of having an active and busy commercial and cultural life with high quality services (health, education, etc.).

The manageable size of the city and its numerous pedestrian areas makes it easy to walk around the city.



If the city is friendly, its people are even friendlier: the Cordobés are very sociable and hospitable.

They enjoy their city and its benevolent climate. They love to share their social life with family and friends.

Córdoba offers a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere that makes newcomers feel at home.


Warm climate all year round

Cordoba has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters.

The city experiences a large number of sunny days throughout the year (more than 2,800 hours of sunshine per year), allowing for year-round enjoyment of outdoor sports and recreation.


Affordable cost of living

Compared to some other Spanish cities, the cost of living in Cordoba is more affordable, including the prices of housing, food and services.



Cordoba’s cuisine is renowned for the richness of traditional dishes (salmorejo, flamenquín, oxtail and a variety of tapas) and also for the quality of ingredients that allow you to enjoy the Mediterranean diet from the “garden to the table”.

Cordoba’s gastronomy adapts to all tastes with a wide range of bars and restaurants that delight food lovers and healthy diets.


High connectivity

Cordoba is an important communication hub in Andalusia.

This aspect facilitates access to other cities in the region, the country and is easily accessible internationally.


Natural surroundings

Located in the foothills of Sierra Morena, Cordoba is surrounded by nature.

15 minutes from the city center you are already immersed in the mountainous landscape of the foothills of Sierra Morena.

Natural Parks, Biosphere Reserves and wetlands dot the province of Cordoba, an oasis of biodiversity.


The Mediterranean, just a step away

The Costa del Sol, its magnificent beaches and idyllic surroundings are easily accessible just 150 km from the capital of Córdoba.

Its high-speed connection with the Costa del Sol allows you to enjoy beaches and Mediterranean coves full of magic and charm in less than an hour and a half.


Cultural life and events

Since ancient times Cordoba has been a worldwide cultural reference and nowadays this interest in the arts, culture and thought is present in every corner of the city.

In addition to the picturesque traditional festivities that continue to this day (May Fair, the Patios and Holy Week), the city has a wide cultural offer, in which the international Guitar Festival stands out.


Growing tourist interest

Due to the invaluable attraction of being the only city in the world with 4 World Heritage Sites and its strategic location in the center of Andalusia, Cordoba is a privileged tourist destination for those wishing to explore Andalusia.

Statistics confirm that the number of tourists continues to increase and Cordoba enjoys constant hotel occupancy.

The Annual Tourism Situation Report 2023 of the Center for Analysis and Prospective Tourism of the University of Cordoba (CAPT) estimates that Cordoba and the province ended 2023 with a historic record number of visitors, with slightly more than two million tourists per year.


Great investment opportunity

Buying a house in Cordoba represents an investment opportunity with a high potential return.

The exponential increase in tourist demand and the growing popularity of the city make it one of the real estate investment locations with the highest medium- and long-term return on investment in Europe.

High-quality and affordable healthcare services

Córdoba could be considered as a valuable destination in terms of medical services and health care.

Medical Centers
and Hospitals

The city is home to numerous medical centers and hospitals offering a wide range of specialized medical care services, both public and private.
Among them is the Reina Sofia University Hospital, which in addition to offering quality medical care, has achieved national and international prestige in the field of transplant surgery.


Cordoba has been recognized for its activity in medical and biomedical research.

The Reina Sofia University Hospital, for example, has been involved in national and international research and collaboration projects.

At an affordable

Compared to other health tourism destinations in Europe, the cost of living in Cordoba is more

Affordable and this may be attractive to those seeking quality healthcare services at competitive prices.

Córdoba y Almoraduj, casa de lujo en Córdoba