Spain Golden Visa

Investing in you and your family

Are you thinking about moving to Europe?

Investing in Almoraduj meets the requirement for granting the golden visa for investors.

As you acquire real estate in the country valued for more than €500,000, you are also investing in a new life “mediterranean style” for you and your family or, maybe, in a new business with a bed & breakfast in this lovely villa.

Golden Visa Spain
Golden Visa Spain

A unique opportunity to help you settle in Spain

The Golden Visa in Spain is designed to allow non-EU nationals who intend to make a new life in Spain, offering them and their families various rights and benefits, including residency and travel privileges, tax advantages and flexibility in maintaining the permit.

Benefits of a Golden Visa

The benefits of a Golden Visa in Spain include:


Residency and Travel

The visa offers residency in Spain and allows visa-free access to the Schengen area, which comprises 26 European countries.


Family Reunification

The visa allows the main applicant to apply for the same permit for their spouse, partner, minor children, and financially dependent adult children.


Tax Benefits

Holding a Golden Visa in Spain may lead to tax benefits. If the stay in Spain is less than 183 days, the individual may only be required to pay the applicable tax related to their property investment



The initial residence permit for investors is valid for two years, and only one visit to Spain per year is required to maintain the permit, with no need for extended stays.


Work Authorization

The visa also grants authorization to work in Spain, either as a freelancer or an employee, and the freedom to travel within the Schengen area.

The time is NOW

Are you sure you would like to miss out on this opportunity?

Golden Visa, days numbered

With Golden Visa programs coming to an end in several European countries, such as Portugal, and with others tightening the rules, there has been a recent surge in interest in Spanish Golden Visas.

As it has happened in Portugal, golden visas could also have their days numbered in Spain.

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